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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Banglore Mania

I reached banglore on 2nd only and move straight towards the institute The LLC is a small place but the faculty is real good i registerd myself paid the fees and started my search for a place to stay i asked the auto wallas and they all suggsted hotels near majestic (bus stand) i earlier used to stay in lavish five stars of Banglore but this time i have to pay the bills so i got a good hotel Saptaghiri palave near majestic. With a good room with attached bathroom and tv and all goodies i was quite happy that i have got a good place to stay then in the evning went to Brigade Road (only happning place in Banglore ) had dinner with sonika and her room mate and reached back to room rest everything is fine i am working hard and i have completed RH033 and right now doing RH133 well see you guys later bye for now.


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