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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ibuntu 10.04 reviw

Ubuntu 10.04 is out and trust me its out with a bang. The new OS looks really cool in its new theme or avatar ill call is awsome. Lets look at some of the new features and updates.


Installation is extremly easy and even a novice can do it. And if your system is connected with the internet it will also download and instal all the updates while installing. During installation it will ask for your country, Time Zone,Keyboard Layout, Partition Info etc. It will also search your windows partition and gave you the option to copy settings from your windows desktop in my case it worked perfectly and it copied my wallpaer and documents folder etc continuing with installation installer will complete the installation in seven steps and some 15-20 mins on a decent system with 2GB RAM. If you have Windows installed it will automatically create a dual boot using GRUB and you dont have to worry regarding partitions or data loss as installer will take care of that.


My good this was something booting is extremly fast on my old system it takes less than five seconds to show my desktop and i am ready to roll. Ubuntu team has worked really hard on booting time i remember in days of 8.04 it used to take minimum 20 seconds to boot.


Desktop looks neat and beautiful in new Default Ubuntu theme running on gnome which is called Ambiance. You have the standard Applications, Places and System tool bar as well as the power options bar on the right top. The new desktop manager is very easy to operate. It is bundled with all the standard gnome apps. And if you are a kde lover you can download KDE as well or try Kbuntu.

Internet and Social Networking

Ubuntu is ready with internet with latest version of firefox, Empathy IM client which supports your gmail, yahoo, msn, live and even Facebook Chat and provides a single window from chat and you can easily change your status and picture fom top bar. It also come with gwibber using which you can broadcast on your tweet and facebook accounts. For email you Evolution the default option.


By default you cannot play your mp3 and mpeg video files but it take few seconds to download codec for these files and you are ready to roll by default it provides you with Rythmbox for playing audio and Totem for playing video but ill recommend you to download Amarok for audio and VLC for video. Ubuntu has also added ubuntu music store from where you can purchase music etc.

Office & Productivity

For office you have the usual choice openoffice which is now Oracle open office after the accusition of Sun by Oracle. The office suite dose a decent job and if you want to try diffrent you can also download abiword and koffice from Ubuntu Software Centre.


Last word is ubuntu 10.04 is refined product with three year LTS support from ubuntu its seems a great option for home and even Enterprise. Its neatly packaged and is amazingly fast you also have the standard compiz 3D Desktop affects which adds the glamour and the standard administration and configuration options which are farely easy to use. Overall undoubtly the best Linux desktop ever.


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