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Thursday, December 20, 2007

My New Lapy XPS - M1330

Hi All i just order my new laptop its a awsome machine and looks amazing in Red color.
I order a Dell XPS M1330 with
Inter core 2 ghz Processor
2 gb RAM , Nvidia
8400 Graphic card
160 gig HDD
13.3 inch widescreen true life screen
DVD - RAM drive
9 Cell Battery - ( 6 hour life )

It also has a inbuilt 2 megapixel Camera , a media centre remote and dual headphone jack.
The best part 100% ubuntu compatible except the graphic card which we can do on our own.
I am putting a special note on Linux Compatibilty because three months back i purchased HP tx 1000z Tablet PC and mind you that was the worst decision of my life. I was shocked to see that i was unable to install any linux distro on it. the only one which worked was Novell but that too without sound drivers and Network drivers so it was just useless for me i tried all support ways all forums for it but no go. The worst part is when i called hp support for they said we cant help u with that and they gave me number of esclation dept in banglore where no one picks the phone. I will warn all people who are thinking of buying a HP laptop dont goo for it and if you are thinking of buying it be preaperd for poor service from hp


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