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Friday, March 07, 2008

No Oil, No Sodium & No Sugar

As i had fever from last one week and my condition was getting bad to worst i got admitted in Max Gurgaon for a thorough check up. Day progressed and as i got reports everything was fine with flue but doctor warned me about my high cholesterol level. He explained me that i am only Twenty One and already have tendency of High BP , Obesity & now cholesterol where i will land up when i'll reach Forty. This thing actually made me understand where i was wrong and from Last one week i am on Boiled food dight . with no salt , no sugar and no oil and i have also addded a daily walk of 4 km. I am hoping to continue like this atleast for next 6 months until my cholestrol is normal and after that ill have a balanced diet. Lets hope i continue on this path and soon ull be able to see a new improved version of me Manuj 2.0


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