Me Myself & Linux

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Linux is changing

This is what i have seen and now i belive Linux is changing earlier it was more of a network oriented OS but now the company's like Mandreke, Suse and Knoppix are making a diffreance making it more ready for home desktop for non geeks like 90 % of computer users. These company are making real effort for making linux ready for dektop so come on guy's try them.
I will recommend you ELX Linux becouse first of all it has a windows like interface and secondaly it is very easy to use and install OS and last it is an indian DIstro. So you can download it from .

Sunday, March 27, 2005

International Confrence on challanges in networking & future

Well be prepaired for two rocking days on 9th and 10th april as for APIIT is organizing a sumit on networking and i will be the one who will manage all the stuff for u guys so if u r ready rock to panipat to view the event and have a glimpse on future

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Seminar at APIIT

Well after NC i move on to APIIT and gave a cool presentation on linux over there also .This time we had better prizes for quiz. Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9.1, Ubuntu Distro (Live and Installer) Novell Desktop 9. APIIT is also organizing International Summit on Networking and i have got chance to manage the whole event


Well last week we had a tech fest in NC Colleage of engineering Israna Panipat. and i was the won who got the chance to open the event with a seminar on linux followed by a linux quiz. The response was great and seminar was attended by more than 250 peoplw with me there was my friend mayank. from delhi who was there to help me