Me Myself & Linux

Monday, April 25, 2005

Bye for now

Hi guys
I am going to Ghaziabad for my sister marriage and i will be back on 5th so till that no Updates

Thursday, April 21, 2005


This happens with me when i dont want to happen it at all. I was going to give a guest lecture on linux at NC and when i booted my laptop suddenly Kernel Panic error comes and i was shocked i dont know what to do. Then i calmed myself and booted my system using KNOPIX But it dose not read my Linux Drives. I tried mounting them but no result. Then i have to download the whole presentation and present it on Knoppix. But what can i say Linux Makes the blender of my day and then it saves me. If i would have been using windows then i would have been in a complete sorry state. Well now i am singing one of my favourate song so byeee. What is Love ? Baby dont Hurt me

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Confrence accoured and everyone watched Linuxxxxxxxxxxx

Well the confrence was not great but out of this world. As planned we had a LUG corner where anyone can come and try diffrent flavours of LINUX. Our corner was the bussiest all around. There we have round the clock discussion on OPEN SOURCE. Then on 10th i have a presentation Titled LINUX, OPEN SOURCE & GNU. The presentation was out of this world and questions come in numbers from all around and after the presentation people make a group around me and some guys thought that they are gonna kill me but crowd was controlled. After that i got offer from punjab University and a instiute from karnal to come and speak at there places and i was really on top of the world. I will soon post pics of the event.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nero Linux 2.0

Nero Linux 2.0 is out. It is a CD/DVD Burning tool for LINUX and if you are using Nero 6.3 Ultra edition then you can download it for free from Well as for the product it is a easy to use App and has few features which K3b lacks. The best part is you can easily write and rewrite multisession cd's which was earlier not possible in Linux. Well finally a good product i rate it 3 out of 5

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Well our wate for Open Office Final will soon be over as Open Office 2.0 Beta Hits the stand. This one is definately less buggy then the previouse test releases as earlier i was very irretated with frequent crashes. 2.0 Beta is definately workable and it shows you how the final avtaar will look like. The best part about 2.0 is its vast collection of Clip Arts, Pics etc which was earlier only in Star Office. It is also now more good Looking and It Starts up slightly faster (atleast on my system) . OK download it now from its an order.


Well date is closing in for APIIT Sumit 2005 and i am ready with a deadly presentation and Live Demo on Linux. I have managed to get 10 systems which will showcase diffrent flavours of Linux. We will also have a LUG corner (aka OSP) where we will have round the clock discussion on Linux and Open Source. So all of u are ready for the future then come to summit on 9th and 10th in APIIT Panipat Haryana.