Me Myself & Linux

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Playing Langdi taang

Last week when i was coming back at my place after watching pyaare mohan i had an accident and broke my left ankle (minor fracture). That means i am on bed rest but that is good as i can work whole day on my lapy and let others dowork for me u know like "Mummy Pani dena, Papper pakdana" sort of well life is going smooth catch ya guys

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vmware Rocks

I was looking for a utility with which i can use windows and linux both without restarting my system but most of these utilities were paid and none of them were free but someone told me vmware is free now and the very next minute i was downloading vmware i could download it for windows and linux both either in rpm or source for linux as i use ubuntu i downloaded the source and exe for windows with that u can also download pre configured OS from vmware site that include ubuntu, novell and other distros i installed vmware on my system and within minutes i was able to run multiple OS in a single shell . This is a very useful utility for programers as they can check there softwares on multiple OS without restarting and the best part of vmware is everything works infact it shared my internet but sound was giving some trouble in ubuntu but it worked fine on windows. In the end its a must have utility and you can download it for free from