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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

K 790i

Picture taken in complete darkness using phone Flash.
Hey guys i got my new phone k790i. The phone is awsome and camera of the phone rocks earlier i use to go for phones with good music but since i got my IPOD music was not a criteria for me but camera was . THis phone has 3. Mega Pixel Cam with Xenon Flash which gives excellent photos in total darkness. The phone also has a remote control feature where you can control your desktop using your phone bluetooth. Overall awsome Phone.

Linux Asia 2007

This year i skipped most sessions and prefferd taking Sun Bath
Klauss Knopper and Me

This year Linux Asia was back with its 2007 version but i can say this was the worst Linux Asia ever mainly because this year I-LUGD has boycotted the event and there was no LUG corner kind of thing where open source was discussed as usual the event was targetted for CEO's and decision maker from where EFY and some companies can make money and no empasis was on community but till last year it was fun because community was there and Delhi Linux community rocks . You have sessions with fun and masti but this year everything was incomplete. I hope next year it will be better.