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Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Ideas by Microsoft

Well this is the first post on microsoft technologies on my blog but i was really impressed by there work. There new live set of products are really cool and packed with features. Here i am just gonna talk about few of there products
Microsoft Live Mail Beta
Well the New windows live mail is miles ahead of other mail services as per now it gives me 2GB of space but the best part is its interface and features the set of tools you get with it. The interface is divided in many parts and you ave functions like Drag & Drop and a complete right click menu from where you can customize, Delete or add mail to folders. As per now supports Internet Explorer 6 +, Firefox 1.5, and netscape it has compatibilty issue with opera and IE 5.5 but i belive these will be sorted by the time final product is ready.
Microsoft Live Messanger
The new messanger is having some good features like full themable interface, On the fly change of colours. Now you can give offline messages (was in yahoo for long time) File sharing by copy paste and a new recovery mode if there are some errors but something strange is there if u are in work in offline mode in IE messanger will not work. Rest it is a nice messanger but nothing special when compared with other messangers.
Windows Media Player 11 Beta
Windows media player 11 is latest in the media player saga. The striking diffrence is in the new sexy intrface. Now it has better connectivity with your portable mp3 or video player. Now it detects my Ipod and let me share songs directly in it and you have a much better and easy to use music library from where working with playlists and songs is extemly easy. All over a great
Windows Defender Beta 2
This is a anti spyware software from the microsoft stable which is having a clean and slick interface. It performs very well as it will report immeadiately any sort of unwanted movment in the computer. If any application wants access to internet or gonna modify any important file it will ask you weather you wanna allow it or not all over gives really good protection. It is a big danger for spyware software compaies as microsoft has enterd another market and that to with a real good software.

There are many other products on which i have worked Like Windows One Care Anti Virus, Office 2007 Beta 2 & Vista Beta 2 but they deserve bigger posts and i dont have that much time. Well some other day for them.

Friday, July 07, 2006

First day with ubuntu

Why i love ubuntu well everyone can answer that because its just perfect . Today is my first day with new ubuntu and as usual suse have taken backseat and i dont expect it to come back on my desktop for a long time. The OS is flawless its fast its vibrant its the best. Ubuntu has got a new installer. you boot in the live cd from where you can install from a desktop icon. The installer is easy and the best part is you can continue working on the OS till it get instaled then a reboot and you are up. after installing i rush to cafe where i am updating the OS right now. I also have to install amarok and k3b because they are a must in every linux desktop. for that i need to install kde base which was very easy and flawless from aptget. The OS detects everything which the old ububtu also did. Well i have not even changed my wallpaper so i am going back on it . bye for now