Me Myself & Linux

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Presentation season is here again

As most of the Colleages are off its time to have meetings again and time to give presentations again on Linux. First to start with is SDVM Panipat.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ubuntu 5.04

Ubuntu 5.04 is out and i recived its cd's via post. Now came time to test it. Installation of OS is not Graphical but easy. it tooks around 15 minutes on my lapy amd 12 minutes on my desktop to install. Ubuntu is a debian based disro. Which is really well build. The OS took really very less time to boot in comparision with other distros. After booting you are faced with Gnome 2.10.1 which is the latest gnome stable release. The OS is beautifully crafted and is equipped with Open Office version (Latest Stable Release) with that u have firefox, Ximian etc. The OS is good for personal use or could work with a normal office where word processing, Surfing are the basic requirments. finally a good OS which lacks amorok (must for music lovers). rest everything is intact and ready for use.
Note - KDE version is also avilable which is called kubuntu

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Red Hat Summit New Orleans

Red Hat Summit has started in New Orleans. This is first summit by Red Hat which has been highly publicized. Red hat is trying real hard to fight against companies like novell, Mandriva, Sun etc which are grasping the Linux Market share very rapidly. The event is focussed on showcasing new open source technologies, improving relationship with existing customers and making new customers (of Course). According to my sources Red Hat will soon start nationwide expo's and roadshow's one phase of which has already ended. Well let us see Red Hat will remain on top or Novell will change the senario.